The Interior Ministry's concerted efforts to combat irregular migration in Istanbul have seen significant success, leading to the apprehension and deportation of more than 10,000 illegal

immigrants in the last 20 days.

Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya recently disclosed that a total of 15,791 illegal and irregular migrants were captured throughout Türkiye in the past month alone.

Expressing his determination, the minister asserted that he expects irregular migrants to be completely eradicated from urban areas within the next four to five months.

To achieve this goal, drone-assisted operations have been effectively employed in various locations, including sea boats, public transportation, parks, gardens, abandoned buildings, and public spaces across Istanbul. These targeted operations accounted for approximately two-thirds of similar actions conducted nationwide.

The intensified efforts have also led to the arrest of 150 organizers suspected of profiting from illegal migration, thanks to the efforts of police's anti-migrant smuggling teams. Out of these suspects, more than 70 individuals, including some foreigners, have been apprehended.

Additionally, 22 others are under judicial control, while 57 have been released, pending further investigation.

To discourage facilitation of illegal immigration, authorities have imposed substantial fines amounting to nearly 6 million Turkish Liras ($223,000) on those involved in such activities. These measures aim to send a strong message against any attempts to exploit or profit from irregular migration.

As the Interior Ministry continues to intensify its operations, the government is demonstrating its commitment to tackle the issue of illegal migration head-on and ensure the security and well-being of its citizens and the nation at large. Photo by Dickelbers, Wikimedia commons.