Abdelkader Bengrina, the leader of Algeria's National Construction Movement, has raised concerns over the United Arab Emirates (UAE) allegedly pushing Tunisia towards normalizing diplomatic

relations with Israel.

Bengrina, whose political party is part of the government coalition, asserted that the UAE has historically played a role in fomenting conflicts and divisions in the region. This includes its involvement in the Qatar-Saudi Arabia dispute and its contribution to escalating the crisis in Yemen.

Calling for heightened vigilance from Algerian officials, Bengrina expressed apprehension following the "recent regrettable Emirati visits to Tunisia," which he believes could pave the way for an imminent normalization agreement.

Last week, Sheikh Shakhbout Bin Nahyan Al Nahyan, the Emirati Minister of State, visited Tunisia and held talks with President Kais Saied.

Several weeks ago, the Algerian newspaper El-Khabar cited "credible" sources stating that the UAE is exerting pressure on Mauritania to acknowledge Israel and establish diplomatic relations with the country.

The newspaper reported that the Mauritanian Minister of Defense had recently visited Israel, with a journey arranged via Dubai under Emirati supervision. Photo by Damien Boilley, Wikimedia commons.