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Emirati agribusiness Al Dahra is currently in discussions to acquire additional agricultural land in Egypt, according to two well-informed sources. This potential deal may decrease Cairo's reliance

on imported essential crops, although it could also rekindle concerns about water usage.

The sources did not specify the progress of the negotiations, but this investment has the potential to infuse hundreds of millions of much-needed dollars into the reclamation of desert land for cultivating vital crops like wheat and corn.

Al Dahra, which is 50% owned by the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund ADQ, is engaging in talks through its subsidiary, Al Dahra Egypt, with the Egyptian military's National Service Projects Organization (NSPO) for the acquisition of land in Toshka, located in southern Egypt. However, they are also exploring possibilities in other regions, as per the sources who have requested anonymity.

One of the sources mentioned that the deal may encompass the procurement of 500,000 feddans (equivalent to 210,000 hectares) in a phased approach, either through outright purchase or a long-term leasing arrangement. The second source suggested an allocation of approximately half that land area. Photo by Stubbornsoloom, Wikimedia commons.