Medical and paramedical staff to address rising healthcare demands in the kingdom.

The Ministry of Labour in Sri Lanka has announced the commencement of a recruitment drive to hire hundreds of Sri Lankan nurses for employment in Saudi Arabian hospitals this year.

The inaugural phase of recruitment was conducted in Colombo last week, marking the first step in Saudi Arabia's initiative to enlist medical and paramedical professionals from Sri Lanka and other nations to cater to the growing needs of the kingdom's healthcare sector.

Sanjay Nallaperuma, the media secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment, disclosed Saudi Arabia's plan to recruit nursing personnel from Sri Lanka in response to the escalating demand for healthcare services within the kingdom.

The initial phase of the program aims to employ 1,000 nurses over a 12-month period through a rolling recruitment process. In the recent round of recruitment, 95 nurses holding Bachelor of Science degrees were selected from a pool of 400 applicants. These selected nurses are slated to serve in government hospitals across Saudi Arabia under the supervision of the Saudi Ministry of Health.

Given the increasing popularity of nursing as a career option in Saudi Arabia, attributed to substantial investments in the healthcare sector, the subsequent recruitment cycle is scheduled to commence in August, with further opportunities for qualified nurses to contribute to the kingdom's healthcare system. Photo by Adam Jones from Kelowna, BC, Canada, Wikimedia commons.