Dubai International Airport has reopened after experiencing severe disruptions due to heavy rainfall that battered the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and surrounding areas.

The storm, which struck the UAE on Tuesday, resulted in flash floods, inundating roads and sections of the bustling international airport.

Tragically, the deluge has claimed the lives of 20 individuals in Oman and one in the UAE. While some inbound flights have resumed as of Thursday, Dubai International Airport, a crucial travel hub, continues to grapple with significant operational challenges.

Officials at the airport announced on Thursday that inbound flights at Terminal 1, used by foreign carriers, have resumed, but outbound flights are still facing delays. Additionally, check-in services have been opened at Terminal 3 for Emirates and flydubai flights. However, travelers are warned of extensive delays due to the high volume of passengers awaiting check-in.

Authorities have advised individuals to proceed to the airport only if they have confirmed bookings to alleviate overcrowding. Paul Griffiths, the head of Dubai airport, described the situation as incredibly challenging, noting that the current conditions are unprecedented.

The torrential rain, which amounted to the heaviest rainfall in recorded history for the UAE, has led to widespread disruptions, with approximately 300 flights canceled and many more delayed on Wednesday alone. Roads leading to the airport remain congested, exacerbating the situation.

Furthermore, the UAE's infrastructure has been severely affected by the unprecedented weather event. Efforts to deliver food and supplies to stranded passengers are hampered by flooded roads, exacerbating the plight of those trapped in traffic or stranded at the airport.

Despite the sunny spells observed on Thursday, authorities have cautioned that more thunderstorms, heavy rain, and strong winds are expected in the region. In response to the crisis, UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan has ordered a comprehensive review of the country's infrastructure and directed authorities to provide support to affected families.

As the country grapples with the aftermath of the severe weather, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai's ruler, expressed gratitude for the resilience and solidarity demonstrated by citizens and residents in the face of adversity. He underscored the importance of unity and cooperation in overcoming challenges posed by natural disasters. Photo by VtTN, Wikimedia commons.