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436 Companies in UAE Penalized for Violating Emiratisation Regulations under Nafis Program.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has recovered Dh2.3 million in financial support from Emiratis who accepted fictitious jobs in the private sector as part of the Nafis Program.

Dubai: The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has managed to retrieve Dh2.3 million in financial support from Emiratis who accepted fictitious jobs in the private sector as part of the Nafis Program.

The ministry stated that 107 Emiratis who had benefitted from the Nafis Program were found to have accepted non-existent jobs in the private sector.

A total of 436 private companies have been found in breach of Emiratisation policies under the Nafis scheme since the latter half of 2022. These companies have faced penalties and fines due to their involvement in fictitious Emiratisation cases.

The Ministry acted in coordination with Nafis, in accordance with Cabinet Resolution No. (95) of 2022, concerning violations and administrative penalties related to the initiatives and programs of the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council (Nafis).

Tracking Mechanisms

"Our systems monitor companies' compliance with the employment of Emiratis in actual roles, ensuring the payment of salaries as stipulated in their contracts through the Wage Protection System (WPS) and as indicated in the digital connection between the Ministry and pension funds in the UAE," the Ministry mentioned in a statement on Wednesday.

"We also employ an efficient intelligent inspection system and regularly conduct on-site visits to companies employing Emirati citizens," it added.

The Ministry emphasized that it would pursue legal action against any instances of fictitious Emiratisation, stating, "This is part of our efforts to realize Emiratisation goals, aiming to enhance the UAE's human development framework, establish a productive and sustainable Emirati workforce in the private sector, and empower UAE citizens to contribute effectively to the job market, in line with our vision of fostering a competitive job market that supports Emirati professionals and attracts global talent."

Nafis Advantages

The Ministry further highlighted the advantages offered by the Nafis program to UAE citizens, along with the facilities it provides to companies dedicated to Emiratisation objectives, "must align with national objectives to enhance the role of Emirati citizens in the country's development."

"We commend Emirati professionals employed in private companies for their skill and dedication," it added.

MoHRE encouraged UAE citizens not to be enticed by false Emiratisation job offers, urging the public to report any violations related to Emiratisation policies through its authorized channels, either by reaching out to the call center at 600590000 or utilizing the Ministry's smart application or website.

In July, the Ministry disclosed that 436 companies were proven to have engaged in fictitious Emiratisation since the latter half of 2022. Consequently, administrative penalties and fines were imposed on them. Photo by Phil Whitehouse, Wikimedia commons.