Morocco is set to purchase a spy satellite from Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) in a deal worth $1 billion, according to Moroccan media reports on Wednesday.

IAI, a state-owned company, announced on Tuesday that it had secured a $1 billion contract to provide one of its systems to an undisclosed third party.

IAI, renowned for its advanced drones and missile defense systems, disclosed in a regulatory filing in Tel Aviv that the contract will be fulfilled over the next five years.

According to Moroccan news websites Le Desk and Le 360, which cited Israeli sources in Rabat, the deal involves the Ofek 13 spy satellite. This satellite will replace two existing satellites provided by Airbus and Thales.

Neither the head of the Israeli mission in Rabat nor Morocco's foreign ministry has responded to requests for comment from Reuters.

In 2021, Israel and Morocco signed a defense pact that includes provisions for intelligence sharing and cooperation in military industries and procurement. Photo by Tiraden, Wikimedia commons.